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Daytime threadie at St Lucia/Long Pocket 25/10/09


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well I was a bit bored today and tierd of catching nothing so I decided to go for an afternoon fish. I seen the tide was on the turn at Indro around 2:30pm so off I went.

cast netted a few prawns and 1 mullet and that was enough for me to sit it out in the shade.

Hooked a catfish and at around 3:00 pm hooked a good fish on the live mullet.

It was cheap gear and the fish was giving me a hard time, It eventually ran into the mangroves and snagged me, I was peeved off as I knew it was a good fish, I tried to remove it but the fish had entangled itself around a small mangrove branch.

I seen some fins and from a distance and I thought it was a shark, eventually I snapped it off, I pulled in my line and expected to see the tell tale clean bite off that a shark would give but instead I seen the line was rasped then snapped off...I thought to myself bugger!!could have been a threadie, some minutes later the threadfin surfaced nearby and was upside down, I raced up to the car and grabbed my gaff.

Seen the fish floating near some mangroves and climbed out and hooked it in.

I have not had a feed of threadie in over twelve months and so this one was going in the frypan anyway.

Fish measured 94cm.

Who ever says thereadies do not run into the snaggs has never fished them near snaggs.

This is the third time I have had a threadie go for the snaggs, usually I tighten the dragg and really pull em away, but the fish had a lot of fight and made it to the mangroves easily.

I have pics but they are on my phone, I dont have bluetooth or a connection.

yeah I almost forgot, If Brad (From UQ) is still collecting frames I will save it for him if I get his number.


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