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Bid to clear mangroves at Lota/Manly


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The below editted article was in the Courier-Mail Sat,Oct 24-25(yesterday)full article can be seen on page 32 of the newspaper.

Article from:

Brian Williams.October 23, 2009

A BATTLE has broken out on Brisbane's bayside over an application to clear mangroves to improve views at Lota and Manly.

The push has come from local councillor Peter Cumming, who wants Primary Industries Minister Tim Mulherin to authorise removal.

But Lota resident Anthony Muyt disagrees, arguing the bay is already threatened by excessive clearing in rural and urban areas.

The foreshores had to be protected from the type of clearing that was destroying habitat statewide, he said.


Mr Muyt said removing mangroves conflicted with Brisbane City Council and state regulations. Trees were needed to preserve habitat, prevent pollution and provide a barrier against storm surges.

" These trees prevent and filter nutrients from the mainland."

Cr Cumming said he hoped Mr Mulherin would approve clearing at Lota and nearby Darling Point at Manly.

If nothing was done, the area risked having a wall of mangroves which would affect breezes and views.

"The amenity of park users is more important than mangroves in that area," he said.

Resident Jackie Butler said there was no prospect of mangroves along the Manly sea wall fixing the bay's poor health.

"These environments are incredibly important for commercial and recreational fishing," Mr Mulherin said.

Mangrove and other fish habitat areas generated $40 billion annually through seafood production, fishing and boating, filtering of nutrients and erosion control.

A total of 6000ha of mangroves have died out in the bay, not counting large areas cleared by the Port of Brisbane and for Brisbane Airport extensions. Many Brisbane River and Redlands residents also had illegally poisoned or cut down mangroves and other trees to obtain views.


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Typical, - we have been waiting for two years to get approval to remove one mangrove tree so we can have a new boat ramp at Uhlman road.(Still have not got it).

Perhaps we should get on to QT to change the application to Garret and say it is to improve someones view!

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since when has a counciler given a flying f$ck about the amenity of park users to the extent he would clear land for them and go forth and make a request to the Primary Industires Minister?

More likely he wants to remove any chance of it being protected so he can drain it and dump a condo on it with his criminal developer mates.


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this has been talked about for prob 20 odd years,i grew up in lota 1 house off the esplanard and the plan originally was to dredge all the mud from the rock wall right through to the mouth of tinny and lota creek and turn it into a bigger marina i guess if enough money changes hands it will happin

cheers rosco

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