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boggy fun sunday the 25


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we i stuffed about of afo for a bit and had a few coffee's .

so we left late 1130 ish.

car still have gear for the pin trip in it .

took out what i didn't need hooked up the tinny ,threw in what we wanted and off we went .

end up taking 2 youngest girls ,5 and 10.

we had fun on the drive down .stereo blaring and singing .

in the water and off by 1 pm ish.

the fun started at the ramp ,handbrake on motor running first time ever.

handbrake doesn't hold ,while i'm in the trailer lifting the tinny out.had to jump out of the trailer while it rolling back and open the door of the car and jump on the brake.

well didn't have to lift the tinny off ,it was afloat and the trailer and back of the cruiser in the water .

not sure if the girls thought it was funny or scary ,they where on the side of the ramp watching it all.they yelled about the car rolling then laughed.

so parked it up and off we went.

well today i took the pots ,so we prepped baited and dropped the pots .

the girls soaked some servo prawns while i did this .

dropped 2 up from the bridge near the bend and 2 in the boggy mouth small bay area.


dropped the pots where the 4 red dots are .

well it was bloody windy and wet .we got soaked but had heaps of fun .

next stop was refinery beach ,boggy creek.

had a play,rearrange the tinny ,chased the pelicans away .



the wind the waves where like small surf .

had to dig the tinny out to leave.


the green dot is the little bit of beach at mouth of boggy creek.


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so from the beach we headed over to the tugs .

sort of wiggling across to cut down on the spray and it was windy and wet .

easy 1/2 a meter chop.

we spent the whole time bobbing around like a cork.

so at the tug's ,no tugger tug there but some waves and off to fish.


so we soaked baits with no luck .

did the trucker ,honk your air horn ,arm thing at the tugs .all of them blew there horns .

was 4 or 5 that went past and a ship.

view of the tugs from our fishing spot .


got sick of fishing with no bites and wet and bit cold .

went back to the tugs ,found tugger's tug ,but couldn't see anyone .


so back across to boggy to pick the pots up and maybe soak some bait in a sheltered spot .

we played in the chop a bit on the way back ,took some video on my camera .


blue line is the trip over .

red dot is the fishing spot .

yellow line is the trip back.


pic of the ship .

so a good day out .

no fish no crabs ,not even touched .

but we still had a fun day .

playing in the chop ,playing at the beach ,getting the tugs to blow there air horns .

but a lot of cleaning for old dad to do as every thing got bloody wet .

water sprayed everywhere.

even the camera as i took the video ,but it was worth it .:)

we where back at the ramp 5 pm load up and head home.

most of the pic's i took today where of the girls playing at the beach or fishing.

both on my phone and camera .

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its my first time crabbing there but i thought dropping 2 pots up in the mangroves and mud over the high tide and 2 in that little bay i would have picked 1 or 2.

but the bait wasn't even touched .

tackelbox i slept in too .

up at 10 30 am ish and left at 12 ish ,didn't check or notice the wind till i was almost there .so bugger it i went out anyways.

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