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Brisbane Bass


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Well being tied down with exams I have been looking for some fishing spots close to home where I can get my fix without too much time away from the books.

After hitting the wall this afternoon I decided to have a flick at a place I had previously reconnoitered.

When I arrived it looked promising with heaps of bait on the surface. Having had a look on Google maps I had a particular spot in mind, unfortunately getting there involved chest deep wading and vertical embankments. :unsure:

After about an hour casting I was caught by surprise when I finally got a hit on a chubby and struck too late, missing the fish :angry: . As darkness closed in I changed to top water and missed a couple more hits. I then got a crashing strike which hooked up but I lost due to a light drag. :angry:

So, while I didn't end up with any fish on the bank I am extremely happy that I have found a place with good bass potential only 20mins from home :woohoo:

I will be back in the next couple of days and hopefully have a more exciting report for you all.



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