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australian fishing and lifestyle party

Tiny Tin

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on the post of 'greens' we've been discussing the greens and other activists trying to eradicate your/our rights to an australian lifestyle including fishing. it's quite intense to go through it all but it makes sense to me to join this party so that's what i'm doing. it's not for me to tell others what to do..however if you care and don't know what you can do..then sign up and support these guys. at the very least you'll feel you've done something to protect your rights. it only costs fifty bucks for a family for three years of membership thats around $17 a year for however many people you have in your family. otherwise it's $40 for a single person for three years membership. if you think it's worth it go to the link below..hell go there anyway and have a stickbeak to find out more..all the best


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i just sent an email to the australian fishing and lifestyle party and got this email in return. lookslike they're on the ball and could use a little help;

Hi John,

Thanks for your e mail.

We are in the process of installing a new executive and sorting out a few issues with the Australian Electoral Commission. Hopefully this will be fixed within two weeks.

Lots of things are happening behind the scenes –keep an eye on the Senate this afternoon (about 4.30) on the disallowance motion that is being heard on the Coral Sea. Hopefully we will get a result. Memberships are really important as we go ahead.

As soon as the new executive is in place we can attend to issues like the web site, newsletters etc.

Thank you for your interest.


Wayne Bayne

Mitchell's Marine

303 - 305 Draper Street

Cairns, Queensland 4870


Ph# (07) 40 513512

Fax # (07) 40311008

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