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Looking for a good place for young kids to fish


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like Mick's post "A good place for the younger ones" I have two boys (2.5yrs and 5 yrs) that I have just bought some new fishing gear for and would love to show them the joy of fishing. I have only fished in the NT (Barra) and don't know the lay of the land in Brissy. I want to find somewhere close to the Bellbowrie (Moggill) area for them (mostly my 5yr old) to fish.

Need somewhere that is:

1) Close'ish to Bellbowrie

2) Is safe with a good flat casting spot, open area so they can play if they get bored and some shade is always good.

As an aside: can you swim in the Brisabne river etc and as per any suggstions re the above?

Any help or ideas would be great


Darren and boys...:)

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any of the parks along there are ok .

spots for the kids to play and area to fish from

kookaburra park has a little sandy spot beside the ramp the kids can take a dip at high tide .

my kids have swam there and collages crossing ,but watch out for bullroute stone fish.

foot ware is a good idea in the water .non of my kids have been stung yet so i reckon shoes help.

u should get catfish ,small bream ,and sometimes big bream and flathead .

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