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A complete 'tard is going fishing


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Hi folks,

I have been fishing once in my life, and that was 5 years back in the Derwent River. Just moved to Brisbane a couple of months ago and have always fancied fishing, but have never really had an opportunity to give it a run.

Living in Brendale, and drive over the bridge to Redcliffe somewhat often, and seeing people fishing off the bridge has inspired me.

I'm a complete novice and don't know the first thing about fishing, but it is something that I really want to get into.

Any advise welcome,


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Hi SMS ,how is you ,I'm only pretty new to fishing in s.e. queensland ,i used to fish in the dirty derwent too,down the wharfes,lindisfarne,geilson bays and coningham was my favourate and the roberts point ferry terminal at bruny,there are lots of fishing spots around that area scarborough,margate,redcliffe,woody point,brighton,shorncliffe,nudgee beaches and jettys check the forums and see where and what people are using ,techniqes to catch fish, sorry cant help much im only a newby here other members will be more help than myself,hope you catch some fish and have fun.


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Hi shaun and welcome to afo it may pay to head over to anaconda at everton park and talk to gus and all the boys in the fishing and water sports department they will point you in the right area as far as gear and spots to fish.Also keep your eyes open for people looking for deckies and you may meet some interesting people good luck. ;)

cheers dassa

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Hi Shaun and welcome. You've come to the right place, there are heaps of people here willing to help you out. Being a newbie to fishing myself at the start of the year I have learned pretty much everything here by reading through the posts and asking questions so make as much use of this forum as you can.

If I could give you some advise it would be to start simple. Pick a target fish... nothing too complicated, like bream, whiting or flathead and get yourself a basic set up for them and stick with it until you get your confidence up. There is nothing wrong with smelly old servo prawns to get you started either.

There are heaps of places you can fish on the northside as already mentioned. It will just depend on what you are fishing for. Again, read through the fishing reports part of the forum to get an idea of locations, species, hints and tips. And it's all about having fun.... the fish are a bonus.

Good luck and enjoy the site.

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welcome to the board sms. here are a few pointers.

1. never be afraid to ask a question here. these guys are great with the information they can provide you.

2. buy a decent rod and reel combo. better to pay more now and have it last for years than buy a cheapo combo and have it break on you when your hooked into a trophy fish.

3. go out and fish as much as you can.

again welcome and have fun perfecting your fishing prowess. :)



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G'day there SMS.

Just remember, when you ask a question on someone's profile, don't post it on their wall, as it stays there for everyone to see :P! I only got into fishing this year, and Gus still has a wall post of mine asking what a hb is! Ha ha!

My first rod/reel combo cost me $70, it still works fine and catches some nice fish! Honestly I still don't know that much about rods and reels, but am learning. I go to BCF Cannon Hill for most of my gear, as well as Anaconda Everton Park, the blokes at these stores are more interested in seeing you catch fish, as opposed to making a sale!

Anyway, have fun.


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