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....well...so far.... :side:

decided to get a years subscription to FW Mag, for two reasons ; 1. i like the mag and, 2. They had a deal going for 1 yr subscr. and you get a 4 piece graphite travel rod for free.

I have been on the hunt for a travel rod for a little while now as i am sick of lugging a full rod case up north when i travel for work. Virgin and qantas have almost succeeded in snapping it clean in half! :ohmy: :angry:

I lodged my subscript. back on the 16th of october, just after new issue came out so next one will be my 1st. I half expected the rod to arrive WELL after the 1st mag, as my experience in these things has been a 6-8 week delivery timeframe for 'extras'.

well the rod arrived yesterday, so that is only 10 days incl weekends !

Looks to be a beut little lure rod, perfect for what i need and FREE ! :cheer:

It's an Okuma GR704SPL (7'0") 4 piece, comes in it's own compartment rod roll and also a neat little hardcase i wasnt expecting as well :)

Only other one i have seen similar in my search was a Nitro travel rod that cost 600 clams :unsure:

Yaffa Publishing/Media distribute FW Mag so i guess they deserve as much of the credit as the Mag itself does....

Looking forward to taking the rod up noeth next week and getting onto some Jungle Perch ! ;) :cheer: B)

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I resubscribed to this offer,I did the 2 year deal for the Okuma GR-704 rod(RRP $149.95) plus the Okuma Flame F-40 reel(RRP $123.95).The letter they enclosed in my package explained that due to overwhelming response to the offer they had upgraded the rod & reel to what had been described in the subscribtion offer.

For the extra $12 post and handling cost,over the subscription price,I thought it was a good deal.

I have a number of Okuma reels in my arsenal and have not had any problems with them.


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