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tingalpa creek


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so tingalpa creek goes from the bay right to a weir at the tingalpa reservoir.

so can u drive up the whole creek to the weir ?

can u fish the reservoir ?

look fishy

boat ramp on there ?

be salt right up to the weir hey,maybe a bit brackish around the weir .

maybe a good creek to get jacks

and right up near the weir bass

was looking at it on google maps .

looks like a good place to check out

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davo..aint fished here for a while but there's a spot just under the railway bridge (a little towards the mouth from the road bridge) you can get jacks at. there's some brush on the left hand side as you go up the creek just past the houseboat thing sitting there. that's where we used to get em. just infront of that house boat used to be a great spot for decent summer whiting.

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Davo_Dinkum wrote:


well i'm getting boarded with my boggy donuts or just 1 or 2 good fish .

and the mid brisbane river,well getting bored of catfish .

well i just get bored easily .

a new spot to try is like a holiday or new scenery is just good .

sounds like it's worth checking out .

nice long creek .

dont forget to checkout the mouth of it too..joins lota creek before running into the bay. used to drift a few whiting and squid at the end of the channel

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Try fishing up capalaba way, i went fishin' with some of my mates and we caught a few tarpon and some decent bream, supposedly every now and then you catch some bass right up the creek but if you catch any you should release them since there aren't very many in the creek

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Keen-as-fisho wrote:

I have been driving around Capalaba alot for work recently, going over those bridges and seeing the water, it looks very brackish and some very nice yak country. Will give this one a go in the new year or between the xmas/ new year gap.

Mate there is actually a yak specific boat ramp (or yak ramp :blink: :woohoo: ) at the end of one of the roads. Think its molle road but don't quote me on it.

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there is a spot beside the car bridge at capalaba where a social yak group uses all the time take the turn off to go to the capalaba dogs or the capalaba tavern ,not real deep there though on low tide,grew up at lota and can honestly say the muddie seen in both creeks is pretty slim,bout 10yrs ago there was a oldfella living in a boat beside the slipway in lota creek who basically crabbed out the creeks,kept everything he caught :angry:,went there recently on a flood tide and didn't even see a muddie,noticed alot of pots around that had been there for a while and also noticed alot of people living on boats near the thornside ramp,recon u be better hittin the mouth of the creeks for whiting and flatties but prob worth a go further upstream for jacks,if u go under the railway bridge headin towards the car bridge bout 500 mtrs on the right there is some structure there woth a go as always get a good fish from there

cheers rosco

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I've been fishing T Creek a fair bit lately...

Sunday and this arvo i was checking out around the mouth, along the channels and over the flats, got onto a fair few undersize flatties, plus some good bream and whiting.

The structure inbetween the two bridges roscoe mentioned is promising, i caught a massive eel there a few weeks back, also got belted by something else on the same morning right near there, droppe dit though.

Further upstream there are another two sets of structure/rock walls, produce good flatties and some moses perch..

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MoparKevUk wrote:

Chadwell St is the one you want, it has the dedicated Kayak/Canoe ramp. B) If you go upstream from there, look out for the Tackle Losing Pom on the platforms......

Thanks Kev, I knew it was close by, just couldn't put my finger on it, just have seen it from the water. Drop us a line next time you're heading up there.

Cheers Jono

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