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Anyone Interested - NEW Shimano Stradics????????


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Gday AFOers

i am getting a couple of the new Shimano Stradic CI4 reels for myself at the right price,if anyone wants to jump on the band wagon and grab one you are more than welcome they are $250,seen them in a shop for $325 if i get 5 or more they will do them for $240.

if i have to post the reel to you it will be an extra $10

puting the order in on Sunday so if anyone wants one let me know before then.

cant wait till they arrive,from all reports they are an awesome reel,very light and strong.either 1000 or 2500 size


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Adrian before Sunday would be good but i can get them at this price pretty much all the time,if i order just 1 reel they are $265,Jeff F sounded keen if you tee it up with him i'll order them together to save you some doe.

Robbo m8 the model after the old reliable white stradic is supposed to not so good but reports and reviews of this new ci4 model are very good,i guess only time will tell

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although il never buy another shimano,

i recently had a play with all the new gear,

i have to admit these reels are nice, they are a lot smoother than any of the other shimano mid range reels, it felt a lot nicer than the "rough" twin powers.

probably the closest "feel wise" shimano have to the stella and at a fraction of the cost.

anyone who tells you the old stradics are a better reel are talking bs.

go into your local and check em out, im staunch against shimano and only use Daiwa

and cant appreciate this is a nice rig.

good luck all

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