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Took Bruce from next door for a trip out to the bush, we fished BP and Boondoomba dams. Mon arvo hit BP dam about 4pm for a quick session trolling and casting to the edges. Trolling was ok picking up a nice 52cm yella 1st up followed later by a few bass around the 35cm mark. Casting resulted in zilch.

Tues morning we started off trolling and picked up several bass most around the 35cm mark, we were using HBs that go down to 15ft as most of the water we were trolling was around 23ft deep. We finished up using some shrimp on a drop off that was holding some bass.

Tues arvo we still had a few shrimp left so we headed back to the spot we found them in the morning. We picked up a few more on the shrimp before they run out and then changed to lures. I was using a little glassy shrimp lookalike as is seen in the pics and Bruce was using a gold slug. We just let them down to the bottom then jigged them back up. We ended up with over 60 bass for the session. There was also a couple of small bass and yellas as well as spangles attacking my fake shrimp.

Wed morning we hit Boondoomba dam for a big fat donut, we returned to our good spot at BP in the arvo and got a donut there also, I think the barometer must of took a dive. Anyway it was good to get away to different dams and Tuesday was a day to remember.

Fish while you can


1st fish a 52cm yella trip_001-20091029.JPG

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