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Hinze Dam Reopened.


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Did you see the beaut toga caught there in November B & B.



Hinze Dam water sports get all-clear

By Charmaine Kane

Posted 6 hours 8 minutes ago

* Map: Nerang 4211

People can fish, sail and kayak on the Hinze Dam in the Gold Coast hinterland once more but swimming remains banned.

SEQ Water has outlawed recreational activities at the Gold Coast's main water source for the past two weeks while it investigated unusually high levels of E. coli bacteria.

The authority's Mike Foster says Queensland Health took samples at the dam late yesterday and gave the all-clear for water sports to resume.

"They have gone back to what our guys describe effectively as very background low levels, sort of under the 10 point count," he said.

"At the beginning of this bloom certain pockets had numbers upwards of sort of 150,000 to 200,000 so it has dropped back very, very significantly."

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I looked up fishing licences on the DPI website and only found some kind of stocked dam permit.

I assumed that thyey have done away with the QLD freshwater fishing licence and ammended it with this one as I could not buy one online at all.

After reading up if I would need one to fish Hinze I found this info.

Freshwater & stocked impoundments/dams from March 1 2009

SIPS raises funds for stocking groups throughout Queensland to purchase native fish fingerlings and for other activities aimed at enhancing the fishery. There are 33 dams involved in the scheme.

Bill Gunn Dam (Lake Dyer)

Bjelke-Petersen Dam

Boondooma Dam

Borumba Dam

Burdekin Falls Dam

Callide Dam

Cania Dam

Lake Clarendon

Connolly Dam

Cooby Dam

Coolmunda Dam

Cressbrook Dam

Eungella Dam

Fairbairn Dam*

Glenlyon Dam

Gordonbrook Dam

Isis Balancing Storage (Lake Gregory)

Kinchant Dam

Lenthalls Dam

Leslie Dam

Maroon Dam

Moogerah Dam

Lake MacDonald

Lake Monduran (Fred Haigh Dam)

North Pine Dam*

Peter Faust Dam

Somerset Dam

Storm King Dam

Teemburra Dam

Theresa Creek Dam*

Tinaroo Falls Dam

Wivenhoe Dam

Wuruma Dam

Any person aged 18 or over needs a permit to fish in any of the 33 dams listed above. People under 18 do not need a permit.

The permit only applies to the use of a fishing line or set line. Permits are not required if only using permitted traps (e.g. for redclaw).

Permits are issued to an individual but also cover the person´s spouse (married or de facto) if the spouse is nominated on the permit.

When I got to Hinze there was a huge sign saying "PERMIT NEEDED TO FISH HERE".

So then why isn't it listed if you supposedly need a permit.

I have linked the page HERE if anyone cares to read.


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