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30/oct Jack donut


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Another jack donut last night, which is pretty predictable cause we hit the brissy in search of snapper for a change :P haven't done a sesh in the brissy for a few weeks so it was good to get back into it

We rocked up a few hours too late for my favourite spot, no snapper found there but I managed a 60ish jew and we got a few more hits crankbaiting

tried to collect some tailor for bait at the pipeline for a bit but found no surface action at all, usually are able to pick up plenty of just legals on small bream lures in the lights but nothing tonight. Saw heaps of boats flogging the dropoff with livies which made me sad, hopefully the big threadies didn't get hit too hard :( counted 6 or 7 boats i think and thats with the ship there, without a ship i can only imagine

we gave up on looking for bait and fished artificials the rest of the night, went to another spot looking for snapper where kevin managed 2 nice cod and a horse bream at 43cm tip on a robzam. neither of us were expecting that one lol

i got smoked twice, only brought my light BC gear as i'm waiting for my new reel to land. Hard to pick the first fish, was as fast as a thready with no headshakes, smack and run tactics 3m from the structure straight back into it. i'll call it for a big snapper making a dash before headshaking, either way 20lb leader got destroyed by oysters instantly

went for a look around after leaving this spot and did some more crankbaiting, picked up a cod each and a few more bream. good to put some cod in the fridge for the weekend, cod around 45-55 are hard to beat imo

resizing pics atm will tack them on in a bit

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they are still around but a littl quieter than when the water was 17 deg or so (sitting at around 23-24 now)

last time we targetted snapper was a few weeks back, not the middle of winter but definately colder than it is now and they were around, last night there were no small snapper but i go smoked twice one definately a good snap and one probably a good snap

good luck finding some tomorrow they do get caught year round in the river

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