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Perfect bassin weather.


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Seabreeze looking good barometer over 1020. Beauty!

Had to go to NPD this am anyhow so arrived at 5am and met up with Rocket and off we went with a cool westerly and a bit of bonny doon mist.

Did one circuit around boom area with no result so headed towards island dropping off pots on the way.

Took a while to get onto the fish Rocket boated 5 and 3 for me. We both lost a couple of lures one of mine to a good fish that straightened out the snap lock. I also lost a couple boatside .Bit hot at the end with no breeze but good to get onto a few fish.

Rocket thanks for the company sorry I forgot the cups. Had all the makings for a cuppa except I left the cups at home.






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Thanks Ray, was a lovely morning to be on the water.

NPD was at it's picturesque best and we even managed to find a few fish to make the day complete.

Most if not all fish boated today fought well above their weight, were healthy and very solid through the shoulders.

We tried a few live shrimp at one stage, but the thousands of fish showing on the sounder ingnored them.

Of my fish, 4 were taken on a trolled River2Sea Tungsten Vibe 60 and the other one took a trolled Halco Scoprion 68. Ray's fish were also caught trolling, mainly on Berkley Frenzy Flicker Shads I think.

As for the pots, they only went out today, so Ray will know the answer to that this time tomm. B)

Here's a scenic shot from this morning.



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