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First time bassing.


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G'day all,

After posting a big donut this morning down at Lota with Blair, I decided to head up to some freshwater this afternoon/evening. After a bit of a yarn with Gus, I travelled up to Young's Crossing with the family(on the southern side of the river). We followed the goat track up about 100m before deciding on a spot.

From there we all had a crack at different lures and poppers, to no avail. Once dusk came on, I was cranking a popper back my way from the middle of the river when there was a big splash at the popper and the rod gave a bend.....but no hook-up :angry: ! It was a smaller version of bass from what I saw of it briefly, but it definately got my blood pumping for more!

We stayed until about 1850, with lots of evidence of fish from the big splashes all over, but none of them were interested in my popper. A fella paddled by on his yak, fly fishing with one small bass under his belt, he reckoned we were about to hit magic hour, but alas, there was no more for me!

It was still a great afternoon out though, got my first hit on a popper (not sure if I am using it right, but oh well), it has made me keen as mustard to get back up there for some more fresh action.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!


PS - If there is anyone heading out for some fresh fishing this week after hours, I would be keen to tag along, as I am even more inexperienced at fresh than at salt :P !

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I would have been most dissapointed had you caught one first time on a popper...I've been trying for 2 years and yet to get one :(

Get into em while you can, if some scrupulous baastaards keep taking them out by the bucket full (see other post in todays forum) they won't be there for much longer.


ps I'll let you know if I plan on giving it a go sometime this week, maybe with Jim

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