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Tarpon. How do you stay connected?


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I have been working in Rocky lately and finally got a chance for a serious fish today. While looking for a fishing spot I stumbled onto some serious surface activity which turned out to be a school of tarpon.

The tarpon took a liking to my maskvibe lure which hooked dozens of fish only to land a few. Any tips for staying connected to tarpon after hook up would be much appreciated as I am struggling.

After racing back to the car to grab the camera I managed 4 more hook ups but couldn't land a tarpon but I caught small threadfin salmon in the process. Also spotted a giant herring that would have gone close to the 1m mark which is something to strive for now that the closed season for barra is about to start.


P.S. any advice on fishing spots to try in the Rocky area would be appreciated as well. DSCF0021.JPG

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Definitely not a tarpon in the picture.

The best method you can do is to really set the hooks hard. Pretty much the same tactic as Toga. You want to really dig those hooks in hard. you may lose a couple trying to set the hooks, but at least the ones that you do get in hard will be in :)

Then as mentioned, the the next thing you can do is try and keep your rod tip low and near the water. High rod tips will increase the chances of them jumping and throwing your lure back at ya

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Guys he didnt say it was a tarpon in the picture :P

Its not a threaddy though I dotn think. Im pretty sure its a blu salmon.

I have only one tarpon under my belt so not help there. However, when fishing for Toga singles work a lot better IMO. I fish a dam a fair bit with a mate of mine (un reported due to some wankers response) and he always uses trebles and I always use resin heads. A LOT more of my hook ups are landed due to the fish not being able to twist the trebles and throw the hooks.

I reckon with similar boney mouths this would be similar with the Tarpon...

Look forward to seeing how you go mate!!


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you are on the money nadders rod tip low pull them over when they jump and sharp single hooks ,nice little salmon good chewing there

marknadders wrote:

nice little blue salmon i think it is, you might want to try ultra super sharp singles and strike hard, so the fish has less chance to throw them while airborne

low rod angles too

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