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Big Beasts Lurking Under Beacons


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Hey everyone

decided to get up yesterday morning ;) and go for a fish around the shallow reefs of peel island. woke up at 4 and headed out in my dad's 5.5m Haines signature, and shot out to the western side of peel and fished 2.5 meters of water. caught a stack of small snapper and moses perch, a few legal, most on 3inch powerbaits. then hooked into some big pike around the 30-40cm mark. put 2 into the live well for some fresh bait at the next spot. weather started to a bit choppy and so we decided to head back to manly boat harbor and go home. on the way home we were passing a beacon in between peel island and the maroon banks, and remembered about the 2 big pike alive in the live well. had some heavy tackle from the previous trip, a daiwa saltist 30h overhead on a 10kg rod. set up a 2hook rig mustad big gun 6/0 on 60lb mono leader with a small sinker above the hooks. rigged the pike through the nose and halfway down the body, it was ready to go. dad drove the boat round to place our boat in which it would drift next to the beacon and i dropped the livie down. placed the rod in the holder and sat down and watched. my dad wasn't expecting much and neither was i as we slowly passed the beacon about 10m away. and then the rod got a massive bite and buckled over, and then went slack. i walked over and then picked up the rod still feeling the pike at the end of the line, the the beast came back for more and this time i was ready and hooked the fish well. it started striping line off the reel, then it was all aver the braid snapped. i winded in the slack line and saw serrations on the braid were it had rubbed on something.

just wondering any of your thoughts on what the fish may have been, which markers in the bay may hold more quality fish like this one, what live baits work best, hook size, any fish you have caught from past experiences.

cheers Hamish

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