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Melbourne cup day should be a good 1


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well i reckon Melbourne cup day should be a good 1 .

so taking the day off work.

this will be my first event and Melbourne cap party .

going out on the magnificent MV Fantasea Ammari.

for a feed ,grog and eye candy .

oh and the race too .lol


not sure where to hang out ,but near a bar and the pool or the top deck ,i think would be the spot.


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well we drove in parked in a side street just down the road from Brisbane cruise terminal,

hercules street.about a 10 min walk basically straight across from the city cat stop .

got some new duds and shirt in the morning that fitted a bit better .

was a good day ,nice breeze and nice day to be on the river .

went up the river to the story bridge and back down to the gateway then back to the dock.

was only light beers since the boss was there and had to drive .

but i knocked back a few in the 4 hrs ,enough to piss like a race horse on roids .

ate a fair bit the food was bloody good .

there was enough eye candy and peeps to chat to to keep me entertained .

a mix of young and old people and family's with older kids in the 20's range .

didn't take a camera so no eye candy pic's .sorry guys :(

new duds


the boss


she kept a eye on me wouldn't let me run a muck.

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where is spent most of my time .on the top deck ,watching the city go by.


had a boot blow out as we where leaving,but that ok they lasted the day.


found a fishing rod on the walk way .

no fishing signs so did the right thing and took it .

it was covered in mud and tangled line .

not sure if i'll get me boot fixed they 20 years old .

and had the resoled once about 5 years ago.

mite be time to get a new pair ,they have walked many miles and had many adventures when i was younger.

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either of the red arrows .

i was sitting under that umbrella .with my back facing the people .in the beginning of the trip.

but i did walk over to the rail on that side in the beginning of the trip too.

was wearing all black and short sleeve shirt.so i would lean to the guy beside the rail .

looks like all black ,and white arms .looking down towards the water .

there wasn't many guys wearing all black or short sleeve shirts.

there where some young guys in short sleeve shirts ,but they where tall .

not short and round.

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