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jumpinpin saturdee


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got out on the water at about 8 headed straight to cobby passage and the junction there and there were eddies and whirlpools everywhere and fish jumping everywhere so thought this looks good. NOPE current too strong spent about an hour there and then realised why the water was so turbulent....run out tide, two arms of the passage meeting to go into one so we reeled in and the only thing we got was a huge EEL,....went further down cobby passage and didnt find anything that looked interesting so we snuck through a channel that goes from Cobby back to Flat rock (wont do that again got stuck on one mud bank and then went around it and had to trim the motor right up to stop churning mud). sat near flat rock for a while me and the missus throwing plastics the little fellow on bait and a couple of baited rods out also nothing.

we then decided to drift over some sand banks DOUGHNUT

moved over to our ever faithful beacon for and hour DOUGHNUT

being out on the water was GREAT but some fish would have been nice....oh well will have to try again.

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