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Targetting Sea Going Eel


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Ws thinking about going for some big congregate eel ,the big dark blue variety,I caught a couple a few years ago in 11 kgs 1.8 meters long down at coningham in tassie in the late arvo on a hand line with wire trace ,using a flat head -headon the rocks where i was cleaning them them out of no where i see this big fish picking up scraps close to shore (1 foot from the high tide mark near the rocks.) deepvwater drop off ,land based and had to cave its head in with a hammer so it didnt go mental and and thrush around and hit reverse.to stop it from brakeing my line ,is there any places around brissie to target this species,if so i'd be up for the challenge to go for another of the monsters,i originally thought it was a ling that i captured bit it didint have gills tasted very sweet.And would love to do it again.

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