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Cabbage Tree Creek/Baxters Jetty let down.


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Hey ya'll!

Planned to hit Baxters Jetty Sunday night from the run up to run out with liveys but my plans were a little scattered after getting there to find the jetty totally packed at round 4pm. All asians and keeping everything they caught (the usuall bait size bream and undersize female and male sandies) so after telling them about the regulations and laws we left.

We took down to the boat ramp near the boat moorings and threw out a few prawns while I casted for some liveys which werent there.. Bout 5 mins after my rod nearly flys off the pontoon! I Dived for it like David Peachey going into submarine mode for a try in the wet.

Only just got the rod by my fingertips and the fight started. Knew it was something crap by the slow weight and the fact that it didnt snap my 4 lb line. Brought it to the surface and it was what I thought.. catty, however my biggest one yet that measured 65cm.

Just as I was taking the hook out I heard the drag going off on my other rod which had a small gar on the hook. Tussle went for about two minutes then a rayy.. decent sized aswell atleast 60cm across and on the 4lb again. pffft time to go back up to Baxters.

Got there just as everyone was leaving an hour after the run out and had a good 10 or so casts of the net to get nothing but toadies.. bugga. Had one cast out the front of the Jetty which scored me two herring. ON THEY WENT! had to make these ones count as they were the only ones of the night off who knows how many casts. By this time the water was calm, everything dead quiet and I could hear occasionlly something surfacing out in the black.

Casted out as far as I could and before I could throw the net my mate was screaming at me telling me my rod was going off, told him to give me the rod and the battle started.. for the first minute or so I dont even know whether it knew it was hooked.. just kept swimming around in zig zags 50 feet apart, the fight really didnt start till I actually yanked and tightened the drag caus I thought I would run out of line. was using a sedona 2500 with 20lb mono, 40lb mono leader and a bigg bream hook.. Anyway after it was surelly on a fight went on for about 15 minutes, and this thing wasnt really seeming to tire out, each run to the deeper water had me stressing I would run out of line, but after such a long fight I was sure I would land it caus my gear held up and the runs were getting shorter.

Had the thing only about 10 feet out and was slowly but surelly getting it closer when she took another run for freedom when SNAP! :( tried to pull line out of the reel to see how tight it was and I couldnt no matter how hard I tried so it must have taken some extreme pull.

Was keen to see what snapped when I reeled the line in and saw it snapped directly before the swivell. but the line for about 20 feet was stretched extremely thin so it was the cheap 20lb sealine that caved in. bugga.

Sooo after I thought I had the right gear for something big I obviously didnt..

Oh well maybe next time. Anyway after that my next herring was stripped from the hook in a matter of minutes which looked to me like tailor bites.. same with a small mullet I ended up catching. Surface action continued but a wierd kind, not like something was getting smashed but something gently surfacing and creating not much of a splash.

no livies around so that was the night.

Cheers for reading guys


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josmo99 wrote:

That's a big cattie. Do you eat 'em? I hear they're alright if prepared correctly but I'm not so sure, probably as I associate catties with fetid water. The basa at the fishos these days are all Asian catfish of some species or another.

Nah I dont eat em.. too slimey :dry: this one had plenty of meat Maybe I'd conside trying one if I caught it in a clean creek.

Anyone ever tried catfish??

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This is from "Queensland Fish Guide" pocket book (Has a yellow cover, for less than $10 in Kmart)

On page 8


'Large forktail catfish fight well and the eating qualities of catfish from clean water is higher than generally beleived, as the market of silver cobbler will attest'

I think silver cobbler is just another name for the forktail. Have a look at this csiro http://www.scienceimage.csiro.au/index.cfm?event=site.image.detail&id=9792 pic as that looks like a forktail catfish to me.

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Grew up out west and we never use to eat the catfish. they are slimey and stink, however the old boys would eat them and reckon they tasted really good. the eel tailed catfish or freshwater jewie are better eating as long as you get them from a fresh flowing creek otherwise they can taste muddy.

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