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Quick River Trip

Andrew P

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Ducked down to river for a fish last night, grabbed a bag of pillies and cast for some live bait. Found a spot, dropped the anchor and some berley, put out a live mullet and then the bream gear with a pillie on it. 15 minutes later the bream rod gets a tap, tap and then a shrt run, picked it up and hung on for another 15 minutes. :woohoo:


My first river salmon, 12kg cleaned.

In the webber tonight, I hope they eat well.

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tugger wrote:

nice fish andrew could of rode it in the cup


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :woohoo:

thats a great fish andrew.!! Did ya blunten ya fillet knife trying to fillet the bugger on all them back bone noduals?

Care to share the approximate vacinity that you caught the fish? iam just curious thats all.

Oh yeah welcome to the site andrew. :cheer:


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Yeh, a pain to clean, I thought it would be just like a jew, couldn't work out why my knife wouldn't run until I saw the bump on the backbone about the third nodule in from the tail.

Great eating, fresh cutlets with lemon in the webber, and one fillet in the smoker to try it out.

Caught out the front of the enviro shed at the caltex dock. Last hour of the run in tide.

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