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Assistance please brain trust?


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Hey guy and girls, I am fairly new to the fishing scene in Brisbane..

A close friend of mine wants to go fishing this Saturday night,

He lives at Scarborough. I have had some success in the river Live baiting of late.

I was hoping to apply that same style of fishing around the scarborough to say the pearl channel part of the bay,

Any pointers or coordinates would be great people!! I am open to all suggestions.

Please feel free to PM me as well.

Thanks for your help.

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thriller wrote:

What about just saying I would be better off fishing the river then?

Like jeff-f,I don`t have a great knowledge of the area you are asking about.

You said in your opening that you have had some success in the river lately.

Why not look back on that sucess,see where the pattern may lie,and work off that.

Exploring new grounds for yourself can also be rewarding.

Probably not the reply you were seeking,but the only place I can guarantee that you can get fish is at the fish markets.


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Half way to the tripod marker, anchor up in 5-6m of water, and light burley trail. Keep really quiet and bounce bream size sp's off the bottom. With any luck a squire or 2 might latch on as well as quite a few biggish bream.

But if it looks like a carpark out there, it'll just be bream

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