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Mate it depends where you are fishing. I tend to use the run in tide and aim the bait across the top of a sand bar or around some ricks on the bottm and use Pilchard cubes on 1/0's seems to work for me. Also using soft plastics if you like lures. Depends if you are shore based or boat based.

There will be some forums around here about them. look in the Saltwater section there was a contest in hte Pumicstone Passage aimed at Flattie have a read through that!

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G`day,welcome to the site.

matey,different people have different approaches to chasing flatties,that can be the case for a lot of fishing.I myself like to chase them early to mid-morning or mid afternoon,on a falling tide with a bit of run to it after the high.I like to fish the incoming mid to high tide for whiting then on the upper part of the high drift the flats,edges of seagrass etc for flatties.

As the tide starts to fall I like to fish the mouths of creeks,drains and the drop offs from the flats,this is because the flatties like to position themselves where the bait fish will be coming off the flats or out of the creeks etc.

If fishing the beach areas,I like an incoming tide,and look for some type of structure like a log,seagrass,some rocks,even a small indentation in the sand, etc to cast near.

When beach fishing,I`ll use a 90cm trace with a 1/0,2/0 maybe even a 3/0 long shank hook,with a #3 or #4 ball sinker,with a lift and wind action,the idea behind the heavier sinker is that when I lift the rod up the sinker dragging on the bottom sends up small puffs of sand with the bait following.

IF bait fishing,whether beach or river fishing I use hardieheads,whitebait and whiting strips for bait,remember that flatties lie on the bottom,usually covering themselves in sand,and wait for dinner to come to them or very close to them,so you have to find them,by constantly moving along the stretch of beach your fishing.

If using HBs I like to work them so they frequently touch the bottom sending up little puffs of sand.

Thats a couple of ways I go about chasing flatties,I`m not into SPs so I`m sure someone will give you some more tips.

cheers Gad

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Welcome to the site mate!

If your land based you need a long rod to 7ft and around the 1-3kg mark with preferably 4lb braid main line tyed with 6-8lb mono trace about 1m.

You don't need a $1000 combo most cheaper ones will have no probs with lizzards.

Tie a plastic of your choice ( the brighter colour the better ) and walk up and down the banks flicking letting the plastic hit the bottom.

If you have access to a boat try trolling small Hard bodies about 50-80mtr behind the boat, You will need slightly heavier gear so you don't loose lures snaged on the bottom.

Cam :)

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