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Can't Win Mate


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I Have been trying for all species, even going out for specific species at times.... Seems I got fish when i was land based, am having hard time catching anything decent on my boat (have owned for over a year now) this is in the esturaies... Can't catch a break.. Any suggestions?????????? Its getting on the depressing side now.. Wondering why i got a tinnie at times...

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i reckon sometime i feel the same way m8.

seamed to get more fish land based or in the canoe.

i found the less i try hard the better the day is .

land based ,canoe or tinny.

if i got at a special time ,and set the gear and bait /lures all to target a certain fish.

i have a dud day and catch bugger all.

but if i just go out and enjoy the day and fish a bit of everything ,some bait ,lures .

it seams a better day with more fish caught .

eg :

take a bream rod and some prawns on it .let is soak.

Flathead rod with pillies on it .let it soak.

then i take a light or medium rod and muck about with some hb's or sp's.

i find if i don't try to hard and are not mega serious its a fun day with a few fish caught .

if u try to hard and get to serious it take the fun out of it .

after all a nice day out on a river or creek in a boat is better than a day at work.

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lethalsaints wrote:

Any suggestions?????????? Its getting on the depressing side now.. Wondering why i got a tinnie at times...


Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.( if your not sure can I have your tinnie)

No problem is permanent..exception to rule..Politicians.

Fishers who go fishing do not always catch legal size fish,they can also get donuts without cream and jam,but don`t skite about it or take photos of it.

Very basic question with endless answers.

Read up on the very basics of the species you seek,where there are found,(bream..eg.. around rock walls in season)what they eat,when they hunt food.

Basic fishing lore tells us fish like,(same as land based fishing)structure and feeding

With tidal movement and conditions most sought after fish move with these changes,so they come and go.(without going into specific species,some can be permanent residents of structure areas).

If you have a sounder in your boat,thats your eyes in the water,it will tell you what changes are on the bottom,depth,rises,drop offs.

This reply has not helped you one bit...BUT..

A SMART thing to do is to put up a post asking if one of the many helpfull guys or girls on this site would like to join you on your fishing trips and share knowledge with you..

Cheers GAD

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Mate, two most recent newbies on the site w I can think of who had similar starts to yourself are MoparKev and Ryan Young. If you want some encouragement and to see the hints people gave them, look at the the history of their reports. They struggled for quite a while then got the hang of it and make good catches these days.

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saints there are a lot of good fishermen and women on here who dont own boats but do know thier way around the local waters and may be using tecniques you may not have tried

offer a few trips to people in return for a bit of knowledge is a good way to get out of the hole

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it's no good chucking a line in and hoping. target something..find out what it likes..where it should be. then ask about where ya going and when the best times are to catch fish in that river/estuary. when you do..fish as light as you can (line wise). at the start forget all the bollox about 'no' sinkers..ect. make sure your on the bottom. if you get no bites lighten your sinker til you can bounce it along the bottom. hold back against the current..when the sinkers come up let out some line to get back down. if you have to do this too often..up the sinker. hint..you'll get told to go real light on sinkers for whiting etc..that's ok in shallow water..in water 2-5 metres up your sinker until you feel it roll on the bottom. that's good enough.lift your bait from time to time to move it a little. the basic principles for catching brim and whiting apply right through the range of fish (unless livebaiting). when picking a spot figure out if you were a fish would you like to be swimming flat out 24/7..nope you need a little something to break up the water..structure. even so it works to fish top/low tides. but more than anything if you've given it a good go..move. once you get the hang of it you'll give most spots 20 mins to an hour before moving..you can come back to see it the first spot is firing later. if fishing for whiting i catch one or two and move..might only be 100 metres but that usually puts you back in the hunt. trial and error or a good guide helps. hope this helps ya.. :)

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yeah i guess its hard to help if we don't know what you're currently doing. but one thing i can say is if you've tried something and its not working try something new, try different things in different places at different times until something works, and when it does make a mental note or write it down

every spot has a technique a time and a tide, figuring out the 3 is the fun part :D

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What a great thread. :)

Don't worry lethalsaints I'm in exactly the same boat. This is the first year I've seriously gotten back into fishing, and it definitely hasn't been the prize winning, record breaking, I can catch everything kind of year I naively thought it would be. I've considered throwing it all in and chucking a big tantrum many a time. But persistence pays off, and I have caught fish this year.

I'm 100% with Davo, when you try too hard you're only putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and not enjoying fishing for what it should be. I think many of us read magazines and forum posts, study everything we can on a certain spot, do everything that someone else did to catch that fish, and assure ourselves we can do it too. We then set out camera in hand to instantly catch our trophy fish, and when we don't we crack the you know whats, blame it on something else and don't try again.(This is probably just me people :blush: Sorry don't take offence.) Practice makes perfect, I know this now and everyone gets doughnuts, especially when you're targeting something new.

I reckon pick one fish you want to catch, listen 100% to what Tiny Tin said and do it again and again until you get it, then do it some more. Fishing has a feel to it and there are some great fisherman on this site who I reckon could stand next to you anywhere and out fish you. This is because they're out there again and again, and they know that feel. The more you're out there, the more chance you've got of catching a fish. Now I've just got to take my own advice.

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latest outing (alot of the time i go with lethal) was targeting mangrove jack.

but, as with all previous outings we have researched what has been needed, ideal rigs, tides ect and no luck or undersized whilst these problems were still there when we land fished its amplified from the boat.

however.. i do think part of the problem as someone else has pointed out is attempting too many things at once. "we will go target jack" "we will go target bullies" "flathead" "bream and whiting" always a change.

i think the suggestion of picking a species and spending time focusing on that one particular species until we are happy with success rates and knowledge of the fish is a very wise suggestion as would be going along to things like that somerset meet up a couple of weeks ago.

Besides until recently we have been "flying blind" to an extent without depth sounder. which should make finding dropoffs ect a bit easier and plot where to come back to as the tide runs out ect

In the end i really am quite happy to not catch a thing.. i enjoy the relaxing and maybe having a drink or 2... but i know lethal enjoys the relaxation but would rather a fish on the end of the line :P

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Personally i think my biggest problem is i have changed to targeting a certain species in a session.. I don't think its lack of knowledge of the fish I am targeting I think I am overfishing for the same species and digging my heels in alot more than i would have ever before but I had some very successful land based fishing spots over the years in bris.. I think there are too many spots in a boat and I am lost out there....

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