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sunday night fun


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So sunday night we descided to try our luck off one of my mates new pontoon up newstead newfarm way. we where not all that optimistic, but it turned out to be a really fun night. we started of by cast netting just down the road and bagged a whole alot of nice size prawns. we pulled up a 61cm catfish on real light gear in the first couple of minutes which was a good start to the night.Not long after my other line whent tearing off, but i wasnt really expecting it and failed to set the hook. So i rebaited and got the line back in the water as quickley as i could and about 5 minutes later it went tearing of again.This time after a descent little fight i managed to pull in my first threadfin.It Was about 80-90 cm (didnt really pay to much attention to the measurments as we wanted to get back in the water quickly).It was caught on 10lb fireline with a haclo easysnap wire trace and 4/0 wasabi recurve hook.Not long After it was on again this time howevere it swim striaght at me and snapped me of on the pontoon.Later that night after i departed my mate managed to pull in this little beauty of a grunter bream (about 41cm he said). And lost about a third of a spool to another mystery fish before gettin snapped off. we all so pulled in a undersized snapper that night. So what started of to be a bit of a muck around turned into be a real Beauty of a spot! Defiantley a few more trips back there over the next couple of weeks : )





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