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Colleges FUN 5/11/2009

mongrel jack

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Went for a troll at colleges this arvo for a couple of hours - more of a test run with the leccie outboard but did alright in the fish dept. Managed a 30 cm bass, a 29cm bream and a 31cm bream and about a dozen catties.

While fighting the 31cm bream on 4lb line i was blown away to see it leap from the water 5 meters out from the yak with a shark attached!!! :woohoo: It all happened really quick but was definately one of the most awsome sites I've had on the water and one I won't forget in a hurry! The bream survived the attack althouth with a bit of damage :laugh: (see attached pics of both sides of the fish). Not sure of how long he will live but was successfully release along with all others. Thinkin I might have to go on a sharking journey up that way in the not to distant future....

I trolled from the other side of the rapids all the way up to the second set of rapids (past Allawah heading in the direction of the weir) and back. I must admit I am getting a sick of the catties again - I didn't get any all the way through winter but as soon as the weather warms they come out to play.


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nice 1 .i like fishing at collages .

i have done the run from collage to the rapids at Allawah .

nice peaceful part of the river .

only thing i found is i hit bottom a fair bit in the canoe or hit the big boulders and rock/sand bars.

seeing the shark take the bream and jump out that would have been kewl.

me and rhys have see a few jump out of the water only a meter of 2 away from us .

the closest we have see in the water was right bedside the boat .splashed water everywhere.

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mongrel jack wrote:

Oh yeah, there was a billy goat up on the cliffs too – awesome. The pic doesn't do it justice if you know the area you will know how steep these cliffs are....


bloody hell that goat is still there lol! i have not seem it in years :laugh: great session out there, and the added entertainment with the shark :woohoo:
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