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Sounder gps combo


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I'm looking at buying a hobie and trying to sort out what to get on it.

The questions are:

1 Do you recomend a GPS for a kayak?

2 With the sounder I have been told to get a quality one as you cover less ground and can see exactly what is down there.

Looking at a combo as to save space on the kayak and they are not much more to buy.

I have searched forums and come up with nothing.

My fishing would be mainly rivers and dams but would also do some trips away.

Cheers justin

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Well they are worth $750 over there so buy the time you convert it it is $830 plus you will pay a percentage on your credit card to convert it. Then you have postage, insurance and all the rest. Looking at close to $900 if not more.

You can buy them in Oz for just over $1000.

That is the HDS-5, Others may be cheaper but for around $200 someone else can do all the hassle of importing it.

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When it comes to sounders there is no such thing as 'over the top' if you have the space to put it. For a little more the Humminbird Side Imaging 700 series can be got from the US, but they only tell you imperial measurements. Can get the international (x) version for a little more if you look hard enough. Lowrance have a similar unit that may be worth a look too.

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The reason I was looking at the HDS-5 is that I have been on bass boats in comps and that is what most of them are using and I liked what seen.

They have 120deg scan, easy read and clear screen plus play back.

Brands and price is always going to be a personal choice. Like holden or ford, Shimano or daiwa.

I'm really looking for more personal accounts of what people feel they need in a kayak

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I use my gps a lot even though I never go far from shore.

I have some of my favorite spots marked.

Also a couple of tracks . One i find handy is one on NPD for finding my way around in the fog. Aslso handy for marking schools when you are trolling or drifting.I favout seperate units as if you are using split screen on a combo unit you loose half your screens. In my yak I just have a hand held cheepo garmin.



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