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Stanley river Monsters


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Got home from work Yesterday and decided to go give the stanley a crack, tried a new section this time after hicking in it was about 2pm, walked for a bit and found a nice pool. tied on a black and gold Smak spinnerbait and started working the snags in the pool, first two casts got taps but didnt hook then third into the same spot BAng zzz im on my little 6lb outfit was loaded hard, after a nice hard but ashort fight i gopt sight of a cracking yella :woohoo: :woohoo:

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050384-qpr.jpg

GReat fat healthy fish easily into the early 50's

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050385-qpr.jpg

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050389-qpr.jpg

back she goes

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050391-qpr.jpg

Couple of casts later and im on again similar fight but this one was a bit bigger yet again :laugh: would have been easily mid 50's and fa as

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050392-qpr.jpg

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050397-qpr.jpg

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050399-qpr.jpg

[img size=400]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb161/pcsolutionman/stanley%20river/05-11-09/pb050400-qpr.jpg

Lost 2 more yellas one small one and one bout 50cm and caught 3 small bass all from this one pool. and it was only 4pm but time to head home. not bvad for a quick 2 hour session hehe


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