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A Great Way to Finish the Week


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I decided that after a long week that a quick session after work was in order. The weather looked a bit dodgy but I persisted anyway and headed off to the Tingalpa Creek Estuary to catch the falling tide.

Turns out this was one of my better decisions :cheer:

I started off slow walking the sandbank bashing with a TT 2/0 1/4 oz lure with a 4 inch Nuke Chicken Minnow. About 20 minutes in I had the first good hit and a nice little 37 cm Flattie.

After working down the bank towards the gutter I had a couple of encouraging casts and then BAM!!! A great hit and the drag was peeling off a a great speed. I started moving up the bank playing the fish into the shallows and hoping like hell I would get this one in.

After a couple of nervous minutes with runs and headshakes I finally saw a very big flatty emerge from the channel. Best part was I got him in! The next best part was his size: a great big buggar coming in a 61 cms - a new PB for me!

I was over the moon and even happier when the next guy jumped on my line (35 cms) and then the next one (47 cms) and then another (38 cms)!!!

I was in flatty heaven - finally feel like I have cracked the code on there suckers now. :)

This was the best session I have ever had and I am still buzzing. The two biggies came home for dinner as well.

Not professing to be a guru on this but here was why I decided to go for a fish today:

1. Close to the new moon

2. A fair bit of rain stirring up the creek system

3. Getting towards dusk

4. Half way through the outgoing tide - seems to be when I have had the most luck.

Anyway there are some great spots still around as it turns out and it's great to be able to catch quality fish so close to home.

Thanks for reading Flathead.jpg

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mate looks like you are figuering out flatty smashing timezones.. last of the run out seems best but if you can also factor in sun down or moon rize/fall at the same time they also seem to be a lil more active.. either way around this time they smash anything that moves in the right spot.

all the best in your sessions anyhow


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It surely has taken me an age to finally start getting good results. But presistence pays off and the wife is happy to have a feed of fish - she finally thinks I am paying back some of the may dollars spent on lures etc...

Had a smile on my face since I caught them - its great to have such a rewarding session.

Now if I could just get the Thready I am after!!!

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