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need help on crab pot rules


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Hi guys,

I hope that someone can help. Does anybody know for sure if the DPI has changed the ruling on crab pot entrance size. A while ago it was to be changed to 45 cm diameter or smaller but I know there was a lot of discussion about this and then I heard that DPI was going to reverse this. Does any one know for sure?. I did go in to the DPI website and there was nothing about the overall size or entrance size to be found.



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they are still the same,

i was told that some one pointed out to them that there are 2 main collapsing pots used today, round mesh with the gutterguard type round/oval openings and the rectangular mesh ones with the full width opening,

so they might have a mass compensation action on their hands from the mobs that manufacture them (the full width opening ones),companies that import or export their type of pots,tackle shops that stock and sell them and the p#ssed of crabber/fisherman who use them,

because after all there not a $5 buy like your hoop of wire with a thin net and a float,witches hat,which by the way is illegal next year.

Then apparently they thought about trying to phase them out over time but that would be comical,so with all the other new regulations and green zones,and p#ssed off fishers,its been put in the too hard basket.

Whether thats the complete truth or not,I don`t know

cheers Gad

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the law didnt come in because of a number of things, the commercial crabbers got the shits cos it will reduce the number of bigger crabs that can be caught, secondly they got to thinking it would incouage ppl to take undersized and female crabs because of the lack of bigger boys being caught

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