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day time bassing?

Joel Eadie

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Bass are a chance all day long if the conditions are right. As well as the general behaviour of bass seeking shelter from the sun in the shade you may also want to consider water depth. Deeper holes can produce bass as the sun gets higher. Even if the water is in full sun, if it's deep enough the bass can find comfort sitting close to the bottom down in between rocks or submerged timber.

Throwing a deep diver or slowly dragging a spinnerbait across the bottom of these deeper holes can be very effective.

I'll always put an occasional cast into the middle of any skinny water I'm fishing regardless of depth to tempt those wandering lone bass who don't know they're supposed to be taking it easy in the shade.

But generally during the day if there's nice low lying branches hanging over the water producing some dark shady pockets, like the replies before me, thats where my lure will be headed.

As the light starts to fail you can be more free with your casts because the bass will be out in the open and on the hunt.

Just remember, when your fishing stop, look carefully at the water and the conditions and think...if I was a bass where would I be hanging out !!!

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