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channel nine news- story about banning outboards??


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Mate, I think this will be a follow on from something I heard on the radio through the week targeting 2 stroke outboards. The guy who was touting this was saying that a 2 stroke motor leaves about a cup and a half of oil in the water for every hour it runs (I think that is what he said). A lot of people rang in to say that was wrong and that the newer 2 stroke motors were much better than the older ones. Either way, it will probably happen that one day soon we will see the sale of 2 strokes phased out. Hopefully 4 stroke motors will get cheaper.

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I,as any reasonable thinking person,understand what they were trying to say,its pitifull/or desperation for dramatisation that ch9 used footage of the oil spill from the container ship that lost its containers earlier in the year.

My understanding is that very small amounts of oil spread over large areas does infact break down with the constant back and forth tidal process and wind and rain contributing to the process.

Yes there are a number of pre mid 90`s older 2 stroke motors out there,and also a lot of people out there who skip or don`t worry about maintenance/services untill it becomes near inpossible to run their motors,but your modern 2 stroke is a oil lean running machine.

A lot of your boat sales mobs would like not to stock them,but there is a still a market out there for them,whether they like it or not.

But I`m sure the rabids will quickly jump on this to help the demise of the 2 stroke outboard come sooner rather than later,AND the demise of your 2 stroke lawn mower is almost here

cheers Gad

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