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Pine River Canoeing 7/11/09


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After recently seeing Feral's post on the upgraded ramp and facilities at Bob Bell Park Strathpine, Kiwifisho and I headed out from there this morning to try our luck luring some locals in the upper Pine River.

We hit the water (what little of it there was) in Kiwi's canoe at 7.00am and proceeded to troll our way through the shallows with occasional stops to cast at the hundreds of likely looking snags.

Kiwi had previously fished this area with JamesW and knew a few spots worth targetting, and when we got to "Flathead Corner" we got our first taste of action.

True to its' name we got 3 flatties on SP's (XS,S and ML).

To add to this Kiwi also got a small GT and I managed a just legal bream on SP.

I've not had much success with Bream on SP to date, so I was happy to get one on the board. The rig I was using at the time was new to me also.

I've been experimenting with "Texas" rigging Squidgy Lobby SP's recently, and this bream has encouraged me to continue in coming sessions.

We left this spot as the current picked up and set of in search of some overhanging mangoves to pepper with our exquisite casting skills :P

Kiwi got hammered by another little GT in a very fishy looking area, but alas it was the only fish to come and play despite our intense efforts and urging :blush:

Needless to say we did manage to donate a few lures to the snags but that's what keeps tackle stores happy and bank balances low.

Using the tide to troll/drift our way back to the ramp we picked up a few more fish including a little summer whiting that smacked Kiwis HB. Another species to add to the canoe tally :)

All up we saw plenty of fishy spots and lots of bait, so this area is worth another go for sure.

Best fish of the day went to Kiwi with a fat 50cm flattie that took a liking to a squidgy wriggler at "Flathead Corner".

For those looking to access this stretch of the Pine, please note that at low tides it is navigable only to vessles that can float in very little water.

I reckon it is probably best fished 2 hours either side of high, allowing a bit of water to cover the sand/rock/mud banks and snags.

Many thanks to Kiwi for the invite, was great to catch up and get a few fish too.

Sorry that there are no pics, we were too busy casting and catching ;)


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Its one of my favourite rivers to paddle, lots to see, 6 knot limit, very few boats use it anyway. Rocket there is heaps of water, at least 6inches at even the lowest tide. More than enough for a real yak! ;)

Also makes it easy to de-snag your lures, just lean out of the yak and pull the lure off the bottom!

I've been told you can launch out of pine rivers park as well. There is certainly some nice low sandy banks along the river in the park, just need to see how far you have to hump the yak to see if it is viable. That would cut a couple of k's of the round trip if your going right up in the skinny water.

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The minn kota certainly found the bottom a couple of times Feral. :dry: :huh: Still didnt take long to fill up wen the tide turned :) burger93, JamesW and I went up as far as we could in the canoe which was as far as the train bridge then the water got very skinny, hav caught some cracker flattys up that far and we saw a sick Bass as well :(

Dean ;)

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