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Indro 7/11/09


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Hey Guys. My name is Jangoe. Long time reader, second time poster.

I have been following the forums for a while, reading and learning from all the stories.

Recently me and a mate of mine have graduated from using servo prawns and have been experimenting with live baits.

So yesterday we headed down to the indro boat ramp pontoon to find it occupied with a bunch of teens jetskiing. So changing plans we decided to head over to another spot we frequent, the pontoon over at walter taylor bridge. We arrive and i put in the little $9 shrimp trap ( i have been using cat food as bait, but on this day i forgot to bring some so i used some heads off old servo prawns instead.). While waiting to catch some live shrimp we baited up with some servo prawns and cast out. After a while we hooked something that didn't feel too big but as we got it in closer it got free. Looking at the line after bringing it in revealed the line had been severed... :S. After re-rigging that line we brought the shrimp pot up which had a couple good sized shrimp and a decent sized gudgeon inside! Not being too experienced with hooking up a live fish but remembered seeing a picture in one of Ryan Young's posts of a hooked up poddy we decided "what the hell" we'll give it ago. Hooking it up above the lateral line around its "shoulder" area we threw it out not expecting anything from it. About 45 mins later ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz. Jumping up and grabbing the line it goes quiet again... After waiting for a bit we bring the line in to reveal the gudgeon had been bitten in half!!! though right behind the hook :( Our guess is it might have been a small bully???


Things went pretty quiet for a while after that. We had a couple of live shrimp set up and a servo prawn on one rod. For some reason things always seem to happen when we are distracted by something else. Like a bunch of idiots we are hanging over the edge of the pontoon trying to grab a floating piece of pipe floating past when the servo prawn rod starts to bend and loose line. Jumping up my mate grabs the rod, nearly falling over the edge. He could tell bringing it in it wasnt too big but wasnt fighting like the usual cattys do. after a short while it comes to the surface and wouldn't ya know it our first THREADY!!!!


At 42cm long after some quick pics back he goes. Pictures do not do these fish justice. they are absolutely amazing.

Anyway, was a good day out and one that has given me and my mate a great deal more confidence in using live bait. Next mission to master the use of a cast net.


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Hey mate, congrats on the thready! There are heaps of clips on u tube with castnetting tips, well worth the look. Once you get a bit of practise they aren't hard and at $40 not too expensive. There is generally mullet and herring around the pontoon there, it is one of my regular upper river bait spots. Good luck on the next trip!

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