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one of raby bays canals 8/11


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Pretty much another donut for me today :( . Caught around 5 or 6 small mosses perch and a hand full of stripies. Had 3 very big strikes that I dropped :( :dry: one was by a bloody big pike. One of them felt like it mightve been a small jew. All on a clear/orange Chubby. No other hb's or sp's worked for me today.

So a couple of pains today, first up I woke up 2 hours late :angry: my home made trolley sh!t itself :angry::angry: , launched and discovered that the depth sounder wasn't sounding due to the sika flex not attached to yak properly (sanded and dried before application :angry::angry::angry: then the wind decided that gail force was the go :angry::angry::angry::angry: . Hopefully next weekend (being my bday) will be better. Have 1 pic but we all know what mosses perch look like.

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