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Cops and threadys.


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Hit the river last night with devilfish .Must have been a blitz because the water police were out in force got pulled up twice for the mandatory safety checks and we were on our way again. Didnt fish the pipeline last night tried a couple of new spots and Ricky scored two threadys at two seperate spots. The first salmon we didnt measure as we wanted to get a couple of quick pics and get it back in the water as quick as possible but at a rough guess say between 80 -90cms. The second one came in at 91cms. These two fish were our first attempt at release of salmon and I am pleased to say both fish came good and swam off and headed back to the bottom.

Now I now there is maybe a 50 000 to 1 chance of this happening but all I could think of as I swam the fish in the water was a big river bully zeroing in on dinner and taking my hand with it. They take a fair while to come good before they are ready to swim off. Amazing watching there feelers spread out in the water like cats whiskers then biting down on the thumb and forefinger then finally a couple tail flicks and then descending down into the water column....Magic.

will try and post a couple of pics, sorry about the quality. Taken with a mobile phone . Forgot to take the digital camera again.



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Lovely fish there mate! Looks like the threadies are all over the river at the moment. Good work on pinning a few new spots and well done on the releases. Healthy looking suckers too.

Just a heads up on the waterpigs... They will pull you up for having old or faded/discoloured life jackets. Tried on me one day as it had been raining and they were a little mouldy. So I pulled out another 3... That were wrapped in plastic. Me 1, cops 0 that night!!! :) wish they would tell people to turn their red green nav lights off at anchor though!!! Sorry for the highjack...

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