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Pine River 6/11


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The brother in law and I headed out for a day on the pine starting with droping the crab pot and heading for a troll up bald hills creek.

Within an hour the rain came and absoulutly flogged us!

Once the rain stoped we flicked some shads along the mangroves resulting in 2 bust offs and -2 lures :(

With not a lot happening we gathered some herring and started throwing them at a rock wall down stream, Within 2 seconds I was dusted, Another livey in the same spot Bang! again 3 times in a row I got smashed.

Having never caught a mangrove jack before my heart was racing but it was not ment to be this day

Started to troll back to the ramp when chris's rod buckled over after a short fight a nice little gt came up and not long after I pulled up a cattie :(

No crabs I'm not sure if there are any at all in the pine any more :unsure::unsure::unsure:

Can't wait to go down and try tackling the jacks again ( hopefully with the blades I got of scrote!!!)

All and all it was a good day on the water.

Cam :)100_2176_AFO.jpg


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