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Grants Fish Guide, courtesy of the Coomera


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Haha...looks like you were too busy photographing to get much of your own fishing in.

Maccas hey ....hmmm....must try that myself next time. Doing nothing at all didn't seem to work in my favour today. :pinch:

Top effort to get out there at all.

:laugh: :laugh: That's more Henry's style lol

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Nice work Tom a good skipper will always put others on to fish just ask jeff f hahaha :laugh:

I dead set henry I gave you next to no chance of being able to go out this morning when I left last night.Well done boys how did the new toy go?

Next time give us a yell for a tag along if you don't mind

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Final tally:









2 herring


2 bream and a flattie

I deliberately only took plastics, against my better judgement and spent the day regretting leaving the hardbodies at home. My fish were caught in the afternoon on a borrowed sx40.

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WARNING - long post.... footnotes at the bottom

So the morning started with a brain jarring phone call at 650am from Tomca “hey mate…. You still up for it???â€â€¦. “HELL YEAH†I replied…. really my body and drunken head was really thinking sleep would be great. The AFO Christmas party and my subsequent follow up drinks really did a number on me, but that wasn’t gonna stop me from taking my boat out for the first time.

Packed, boat readied, 2 panadols and 30 minutes later we were off. Maccas for breaky, and we launched at Coomera by 8:30.

Had a bit of a putter around to start, with some trolling in hopes for a flattie and to find some fishable grounds a little further downstream. The troll came up with nothing, so we made our way in to some pontoons and rock walls on the other side. I was on hardbodies… Tom on the plastics. About 40minutes in to our trip, I cast at the rocks between 2 pontoons and about 3 cranks in my sx40 has gone bezerk. I was thinking “yes…. a good breamâ€. Tom called it early for a trev. The fight was on with a good strong bend in my rod and some short bursts stripping a small amount of 8lb from my stradic. A bit of colour is seen in a flash and it confuses both of us. Tom now calls it for a flattie...but a funny fighting one. I… have a bit more faith but not enough proof just yet. Maybe 10 seconds more and its up on in the water column high enough for us to see it … IT’S A JACK!!!. A short tussle and it was up to Tom to lip grip it, we’d both forgotten our nets. A few practice runs and we finally had the grips in the mouth and fish on the boat. Some people would say I had a smile like a cheshire cat… but really that cat had nothing on me. A few pics were taken, high fives had and it was into the live well for dinner. I’ve never eaten a jack and my old man was keen for a fish. First and last jack to be eaten by me. How good is that for my first ever catch on my boat.

Nothing for an hour and then I get on to an estuary cod ïŠ more happy snaps and he was back as well.

The rest of the morning and day infact was very uneventful. We threw everything at them.. sx40’s, switchblades, 3â€pumpkinseed minnows, 3†gulp shrimp, 3†wrigglers, 2†wrigglers, sammy65’s, bubble pop 35’s, … and that’s just the stuff I threw at them. Tom was goin through his plastics collection like it was going out of fashion. Also… maybe he was going through them faster coz he kept catching trees, pontoons and boats But yeah… we maybe got a few follows and very lame taps but that was it. I think it was only broken up by 1 bream that I caught when I put on the pumpkinseed minnow as a last resort (its one of my “go-to’s†when the going is tuff).

By 2pm we had backtracked our way upriver and were near the coomera marina so we pulled in for some late lunch. A works burger and large flat white later, we stayed for a few minutes to feed the school of bream some of our chips.

Another canal system and we had found that the batteries were dying and the electric became useless so it was back to old fashioned drift fishing.

It was quite frustrating then as we could see and hear the bream smacking up the jelly prawns hard up against the rocks but we just couldn’t tempt them with anything. So we rounded an island and made a short trip past a run-off channel…a cast in there with a 3â€worm and yep…. Onto little one. And it’s a trev only a little one but that’s now 4 species ticked off … so me and Tom start joking about how many other species I can tick off.

We start on our final drift along the backend of this island. Its slow to start but as the sun started to get lower, things heated up. A number of casts in and Tom has broken his donut with a tiny bream. I’m up next with a whiting yep… that’s number 5. Apparently I’m lucky its my boat… otherwise I woulda been swimming home

30 minutes later… yep, I’m on again. And it’s a flattie that’s number 6. Tom’s loving it Somewhere in here Tom finally gets onto a good bream…goes 26 to the tip and is sent back in to the drink.

So by now I’m telling Tom about how top water never works for me. So we figured its never a better time than now to persist and get it working for me. So I throw on an atomic something that’s a walk the dog. A few casts in and something is hitting my lure but not hooking up. I have enough time to babble a few words to Tom and he’s watching it as well….strike and the fish is now a flying fish. Its gets 3m closer to our boat via air and I get to bring it up ïŠ it’s a tailor…. Number 7. Awesome.

A few minutes later and some more swipes at my lure its not swimming funny…. Weird. So I wind it in to find I’ve actually hooked up…. To a herring. That’s 8…

Anyway… from there it was dark so we headed home. So there you have it… 6 hours sleep, 10 hours fishing, 2 guys 1 boat, 8 species…. ïŠ what a day and what a frikking awesome boat.

Pictures…. Thanks Tomca

Thanks again Tom for coming out and for driving/towing my boat. Very much appreciated mate.

FOOTNOTES - first day out on boat

- first fish ever on my boat - 40cm jack

- hard days fishing

- ended up ticking off 8 species on my boat on my own..

- Tomca on 3 fish for the day.

- awesome

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brian - i know... mate jealousy is a sin... you can't all have dirty pimp 9 day mo's like me :P

Chris_stewart - yeah... heavy bream gear :) stradic 2500, 8lb to 8lb on a 1-3kg raider finesse. Awesome bend on the rod.

Dassa - mate... i didn't give myself a chance. Had more drinks after regatta, slept at 1am...was stumbling around getting ready :D mate I'll let you know next time as well.

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hey andrew...mate last time we went on our yaks we launched from behind Coomera Houseboats HQ.... if you do it early (sunrise) try just around that area. Where the houseboats are, the big intersection right infront, or the shallow bay to the left.. other than that.... anywhere and everywhere :) it took me and Tom 10hours to cover less than 1km of water.

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Do$tylz wrote:

hey andrew...mate last time we went on our yaks we launched from behind Coomera Houseboats HQ.... if you do it early (sunrise) try just around that area. Where the houseboats are, the big intersection right infront, or the shallow bay to the left.. other than that.... anywhere and everywhere :) it took me and Tom 10hours to cover less than 1km of water.

Thanks mate will definately have a go soon, still chasing my legal jew from Cabbage Tree point as I have caught a few schoolies there, and was smoked by a big one when using my beream gear.

Cheers Andrew

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I wonder how good the fishing would have been if all the rain hadn't shut the fish down. Man the water was dirty.

Andrew, Coomera lake is great for kayaks, with bugger all current ripping through. There are rock bars, pontoons, shoals and even lillypads. Structure everywhere within a 5 minute paddle

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bootyinblue wrote:

Looking remarkably spritely in those photos there Henry, so much more than the sullen looking body slumped in the passanger seat of the car we passed heading onto the M1.

Good to see you pepped up and got amongst the fish there, was the wind up at all much there?

thats funny, coz Henry says, "hey! that was Freshy!"

Caucasians all look the same :laugh:

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