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Saragosa 4000F for jigging?


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hmmm you want a light jigging reel, yet it has whatever drag capabilities, the prob i find with these reels is they are heavy, look for a light jigging reel, along the lines of a daiwa oceano, good drag, not fancy, light, designed as a light jigging reel, as for the fish it can handle, well, thats up to the driver i believe. and will easily handle the fish you mentioned.


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i have the 4k and 8k, the 4 k is light and has 10kgs of drag the 8 k is a lil heavy but i can handle it lol i was using the 4k when we went with smithy ! it holds a fair bit of 30lb braid just not sure how much , sunline 30lb braid would be the go for the slightly thinner line! on the 8k i have 300mtrs of 30lb braid and a small amount of backing, i consider this my lighter jig reel coupled to a lucanus jig spin 2-3pe i would feel better using the 8k if i was jigging say 100mtrs deep knowing i got a good amount of line for that big beastie out there, the 4k i can fish with all day long and i can couple it to the same rod as the 8k, i just dont think it would suit 100mtr deep water but if you lock it up too 10kgs of drag with 30 lb it will slow a fairly big kingie or AJ! the 8k has 12kgs of drag so just that lil bit more, i would suggest go and check out the new saltist - tiga? 6500 spin reel and 4500 retail for around 350 ,but the 6500 has 30kgs of drag yeah haaa lol i know the reels are black with blue trim if someone here can name the new reels :laugh: also nadders go the 8k over the 6k as it is lighter then the 6 and holds more line, same body and spool just line capacity difference!

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found these 2 not sure if the prices are any good




these guys had the 4500j for 189 its gone up now tho

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IMHO definetly look at a bigger reel mate

dont have to go silly big, but if you wanna jig up some ambos and kingies etc definetly want a little more IMHO.

if your near viccy point why not drop into fishhead and have a chat to one of us. we specialise in jigging among other things. we can walk you through alot of it.

im about to buy a jigging combo for off the top of moreton.

the bare minimum im looking at is a daiwa in 4500 size or a 8000 shimano.

with a PE4-6 rod.

gordon and duncan and the boys have been absolutely towelled up on 6500 saltigas and 20000 stellas and PE10 jig sticks by some AJ's off moreton. obviously not your everyday fish but something to keep in mind.

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yeah mate im the young one with the longish hair.

i remember you now.

yeah mate id be looking into something 8000 size in a shimano or 4500 size in daiwa.

one of the maria steady jigging rods (the light blue ones) in the 100-250gram size would be a perfect all rounder for out off moreton. Thats the rod i think ill end up getting.

if your ever in again mate come and say gday.

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if you go the 5000 saragosa you may as well get the 8ooo , same body different spool line capacity, on 30lb braid the high speed is better compared to a lower speed ! when you get up to 50lb braid and higher then the lower speed is better as the sheer grunt required to wind the handle under great pressure, i would not sacrifice high speed on a 30lb outfit running a max of 10kgs of drag! if you were running 20-30kgs of drag then lower with more torque the better! you will be chasing tuna and mackeral which the faster you wind the chrome slug the quicker they hit it! plus you want to be able to gather line as quick as possible if the mackeral or tuna turn straight back at you ;) and you trying not to let any slack happen !

i know yoyo likes the challenge of landing that bigger beastie fish on an outfit that test him to the limit :laugh:

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have you thought about a 2nd hand stella off ebay from japan or usa. i have been looking at a couple.

here are some that have ended to get an idea on price they are going for.





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