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Some more firsts.


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Visited Rumrunner this morning to get my car serviced before the Mondy tripand he then took me fishing to one of his local spots.

Headed off down Plunkett Rd ( I think) and pulled up beside a bridge where Rumrunned deployed some shrimp traps under the bridge and proceeded to run a scoop net beside some submerged logs and we soon had a few shrimp.

The river was running pretty strongly and I was throwing a sx40 and was having problems getting it to swim properly due to the current.

This is the downstream side.


View from the bridge looking upstream.


We then moved upstream where I continued to try a few different lures and blades and Rumrunner soaked a shrimp.


After around half an hour we decided to move downstream a bit to another pool that Rumrunner said may be ok.

I kept on with lures and Rumrunner flicked his shrimp into a littel eddy near some submerged trees and he was on immediatly. He quickly got around 4 more whilst I bombarded the same spot with nearly every lure I had in my tackle box.

I went over to shrimp and ended up with around 6 bass.

They are only small but in very good condition and silvery blue colouring.



Rumrunner increased his PB a couple of times during the day with a few well over legal size.

The firsts?

How often does your mechanic take you fishing?

First river bass on the southside.





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