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Finally, After 8 years of nagging

the new baby is hear.

4.8 Galeforce built on the gold coast. 90 honda Vtec on the bum. Specialy built for sportsfishing and flyfishing.

Mainly gonna be a moreton bay boat but the galey's handle the rough stuff pretty well so would have no dramas going out to smiths or something on a good day.

fitting a leccy in the next week or so. needless to say im excited haha.




pa214414.jpg PA214439_Small.JPG

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bootyinblue wrote:

Very shiny.... very white.... very nice! Looking forward to a pic of the first fish over the side.

On a side note - not the only member to have a new baby added to the family very recently, so stay tuned :-)

HIJACKER!!!! Where is the forum police? Arrest that man......:P

Do you think you will let your Dad use his boat Tom? :laugh:

Looks good. Will look even better with some fish on the decks.

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