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Top 5 lures for Brisbane river


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jeez, you have taken about a million lures and asked for best five!

most people here will be able to rattle off fave two or three lures per species!

your Japanese brands are oft considered the best but some aussie lure makers are top gun as well. Lively Lures, Stiffy and Halco/RMG being some of the biggest and best known.

Then you have soft plastics. Gulp, squidgy, snapback, slam, atomic...

Your best bet is to "match the hatch" which means use something that looks like the bait in the area. be it prawns, worms, fish, yabbies, squid... the general consensus with lures is to use the most natural colours in clear water and the brightest and darkest in murky water/night. when the water is clear you are trying to represent as close as possible a live bait, when it is murky or dark you either want to be seen with bright colours or create a darker silhouette to stand out like a shadow.

Anaconda has a brand in that is a river 2 sea copy, bit cheaper and the hardware is a step down, but action is going to be near identical to an established brand.

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Anything from the bargain bin to the top of the line,

Once you get 1 fish on a lure they just seem to keep coming it's a confidence thing.

My favs are...

Berkley frenzy ( cheap lures but I fish very confidently with them )

Prawn stars for snag and rock wall bashing ( don't snag easy )

Gulp and squiddgys for the lizzards.

Any hard body that swims well will catch fish.

Big buzz around blades at the mo...

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agree with the above post, and i'd like to add mazzy vibes as one of my go-to's. if i had nothing but robzam/transam, mazzy vibe and ecogear vt65 i'd be confident in most situations.

less noise for threadies, medium rattle for snapper/jew and stronger rattle for cod has been my experience (though cod will take most lures silent or noisy as)

hard jackalls do alright too, as do the T.D vibration baits that very closely resemble a hard jackall

crankbait wise, have been doing well recently on JDM spec megabass/etc cranks but i actually prefer aussie cranks like halco scorpion etc

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Heys thanks all....... Looks liked i opened a can of worms with this one!!!!!!!! Basically match the lure with the bait where i'm fishing, dark or bright colours in the dark or murky water and life like in he clear. Also sounds like once u practise the easier it gets!! Cheers again 4 the help!

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