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Garrett rejects Traveston Dam

Terry H

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It will be interesting to see if they have any brains. If they do they will continue to sit on the land, and not sell it.

That gives them several options for the future.

1. If there is a change of Federal Govt, resubmit.

2. Actually rehabilitate the land and the river so that it actually is the pristine environmental river the Nimby's claim it to be. (Instead of the cow paddock with degraded banks that it currently is)

3. Use the land for some decent community use, its close enough to Brisbane to make it attractive, places that come to mind are something like Landcruiser park, a good motocross / trail riding venue, Extend the national trail so it runs along the banks of the river and creeks, with camping facilities etc etc.Perhaps a new international airport that doesn't destroy mangroves / cause traffic chaos. It would be a half hour high speed train ride from the Brisbane CBD.

Unfortunately they will probably just continue using it as a cow paddock.

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