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30 casts of the net for next to nothing..


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I managed a to sneak a night fish last night,

my expectations were high after my last outing.

only to be let down :( ..

No action, No bait, No good :unsure:

Fished from 2130 to 0300 Landbased

Fished with Live herring and live prawns, (super hard to come by)

Landed a 2 foot Catfish and a 4 foot Pike Eel. This location has produced

plenty of bait and fish over last last few months, So I am wondering Why?

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as k-p said would be a factor,if you beleive and go by the lunar effect,it was down and that will start picking up this week,stage of tide,there can be any contributing factors involved.

We all have those times,and no one spot fires 24/7,or each time we go there, thats the ups and downs of fishing.To just rock up and throw a line in whenever is not a great fishing plan.

But its better than not going fishing thats for sure.:huh:

cheers Gad

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Don't worry about it thriller. I went fishing in the Brissy this morning and only caught one mullet and 3 bony bream after about 40 casts. Oh and a huge rock which has torn my net to shreds. The place I went to first has never given me a bait donut before, but it was one of those days. Luckily a nice old bloke in a canoe who collected livies from the upper pine the day before gave me a few, one resulting in a big shovel nose which was fun.

Now I always take a selection of SP's and HB's in case no livies can be found!

Good luck next time!


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jeez I have the complete opposite, in my cast net after a major operation to fix the massive tear, on two occasions on the 1st throw have caught up to 12 mullett each time....BUT... I may as well caught nothing as in my last 3 fishing sessions (over 10 hours of fishing) havent had one bite...not even a nibble, competing with Homer Simpson for Donut King.

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