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building my boat


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hey guys im about to buy my 1st boat poroject and want some advice

its a high side fibreglass 4.3m intact hull new transoms installed no soft spots.

the inside has been stripped so all ive got to do is build it up how i want it.

-what size engine would be suitable for this size boat? withput going crazy as im just going to use it locally and on the river.

-should i instal;l a flat floor with cupboards inside or just make it solid and stick the gear in the nose?

-how hard is it to install a foward control/side control console?

-with the above should i use cables to steer the motor? or is there a cheapish kit i can buy for this?

hopefully ill be able to get stuck into this project with dad over xmas/newyear and def have it ready for the next MBC next year.

as far as lights and stuff goes thats easy,

but batteries...what type/size and qty should i install? as in the future i may put a minn kota on the front.

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Motor will depend on the weight of the boat. If its glass, probably start looking at around the 50 or 60hp mark? It its high sided, check whether you need a short shaft or long shaft motor first!

Going to be a big job by the sound of it. Dont forget to post the progress!

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