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They gotta be kidding.


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HookedOnTackle wrote:

you can buy it from many deli's

it's actually really good, quite mild and heaps better than that factory made crap and also puts a lil funding back into the murray desalination project

edit: you can get it for a HELL of a lot cheaper too. i paid 11.40 for a 250gm bag

At $85 per kg, it would need to be pretty good. Oops just saw the edit and saw it was only $45 per kg - what a bargain :laugh:
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rayke1938 wrote:

I thought it was a con job.



ray, as far as I`m concerned,it is a con job for some,

if some one packaged and sold 250gram bags of top soil and said 1/4 of a teaspoon added to your cooking, gives your meal a real earthy flavour and added minerals,some people would buy it then swear by the benefits they get from it. :lol:

cheers Gad

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