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skinny albert flowing


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well after work today i headed back to the albert for a trek, upon arrival i noticed the water was up and a bit murky, i thought bugger it i am here give it a go! i headed to the same spots as the other day and tried surface lures for half an hour, not a touch :( i scrambled through my tiny tackle box and put on a damiki lure i won in moreton bay classic! second cast and wham rattle rattle a tiny bass lol well i thought at least its not a doughnut trip :laugh: i noticed some action in some very shallow rapids, so i gave a light flick and wham another tiny bass :) i tried one more spot for some good hits and a few followers with a bit of size about them but no connection to them, it was getting dark and i thought i better leave while i can still see my feet lol i cant wait for the water to clear up a bit so i can get back into the surface action out there!

cheers for reading


here is the second lil fella lol 1-20091112.jpg


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hi wes

i was down at charden bridge today gathering shrip for my sons tank and noted it starting to drop a bit and clear up slightly since tuesday!

i hope this rain has braught a few more bass to the upper reachers past the bridge!

im going to try the upper reachers past the bridge over the next few weeks!

thanks for posting mate!

cheers Ian

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