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Offshore fishing survey.


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Fishing world newsletter mentioned this but i cant get the links to copy. You will have to go in via Recfish Australia website.

Its worthwhile having a browse around whilst you are there.



Fishing in Commonwealth Waters Survey

Written by Administrator

Friday, 06 November 2009 23:33

Recfish Australia is currently preparing a report which describes in broad terms, areas of interest to recreational fishers. These areas are specifically locations within Commonwealth Waters which typically begin 3 nautical miles (5km) offshore. Recfish Australia has launched an online survey to collect information from recreational fishers that fish in Commonwealth Waters. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and we ask all fishers to take the time to complete the survey.

The survey can be accessed Here, please share the link with your friends and if you need printed versions of the survey for fishers that dont have access to the Internet, please contact us.

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Feral wrote:

Probably Garret will use it so he knows where the fish are for some new green zones! - Getting Cynical aren't I?

Cynical NO...how else do non fishing politicians and rabid groups know where they want green zones put, they definately don`t spend too much money on factual scientific research for clues,do they

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tugger wrote:

this is where they get the science from as well from professional fisherman or else how do they get data on fish habits

yes and when they do a future survey on fisho`s fishing moreton bay to judge how the new green zones in moreton bay are working,the rabids will get their wanted 30% of moreton bay green zones.

Sorry tugger,the limited money put in by our governments to do research into these things,makes me very sceptical..but one can only hope

On saying that NSW,is actually starting to spend some sizable dollars on following up some of the fishery policies they put in place a couple of years ago.

I think recently rayke put up a thread on one of them.

cheers Gad

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