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Brisbane River - 13th November - Exciting but not.


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Had a fun session on the HMS Franco last night.

Tried some shallow water he had been keen to hit for ages based on sounder shows. At his request cant say exactly where but I cant say its pretty close to newstead and could be fished land based. We had 6 hook ups for 1 landed fish :( That was the "but not" part. A couple were def threaddies but some could have been cod. It was only about 2-3 meters deep. Just like the time I got one at Bulimba with Rian when one hit it actually caused a swirl and splash which was awesome.

Why were so many lost? Not really sure being no expert. We were using super tight drag though as the first 2 hook ups resulted in busting up on the rocks. Where as the later lost fish pulled the hooks :blush: So yeah a happy medium needs to be found in this spot. Franco did land one that would have been over a meter though just before dark. Fish released well.

Photo when I upload it.

Will be back at this spot with a bigger reel to try and tame a big cod!

Oh a pike eel and shovel nose were also landed but yeah, did really feature in the report :P



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